Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Future Best Buds

It's like baby central around here lately. We've met so many new babies in the last couple of months! What's especially neat is that Russell's best friend and my best friend were due to have their 1st babies around the same time we were due to have Nathan. My best friend Melody had her baby on my due date, August 14th (which I never reached). Russell's best friend is his cousin Ben and his baby was due 3 weeks before ours but, as it turns out, came 3 days later than ours.
Unfortunately for me, Melody lives in Fresno and I only get to see her about once a year. Ben, however, lives down the street practically now and so these proud dads get to raise their strapping boys together.
Here are Lucas and Nathan meeting for the first time.
Luke is only I think 2 days old here and Nathan is 5, but Luke is quite a bit bigger than Nathan.
Here they are hanging out taking a nap last week
We hope they grow up to be not only cousins, but good buddies like their dads.


Reed and Natalie said...

So cute...it'll be fun to see them grow up together...hopefully they'll always be friends.

Jennifer Lomenick said...

Wow. I haven't seen pictures of Luke. He is huge compared to Nathan. How fun to have them close together.

Liesl Law said...

I haven't seen a pic of Luke either. How fun! Thanks for sharing, tell Ben and Lisa hi for me!

Melody said...

Those are such cute pics! I know, such a shame we don't live closer. Our boys would have all kinds of adventures! :)

BNN said...

Wow seeing them together like this you can really see the difference in size. How cute they both are!!