Friday, August 21, 2009

"Big Girl" Room

Before the baby came we were working on getting the girls in their "big girl" beds and painting their rooms. We didn't get it all finished until after the baby came since he was early, but we have managed to get most of it done now. I'll take pictures of the complete room when I'm all finished (it looks so cute!) but here is a little preview and the beds.
We let the girls "help" a little bit. They each got to roll on just a little bit of paint before we kicked them out of the room. They loved it. Now when they show people their room they say "pink room- I help paint"
Madylin is in the white and Morgan is in the pink shirt.
While Russell and I were painting the baseboards we let the girls have one last "hurrah" in their cribs. This would be the last time they would be leaning over their cribs talking to and giggling with each other like this and it makes me kind of emotional thinking about that fact.
As soon as we put their mattresses in their little toddler beds they jumped in and wanted to be covered. They talked about these beds for days before and after they finally got to sleep in them.
And here they are- their first night sleeping in their big girl beds.

For the first week they never got out of bed once we put them in them until they woke up. They have since learned how fun it is to have the freedom to get up once they've been put in bed for nap times. That's been a little difficult, but I think most kids do it so we'll just deal.


Jensine Kinser said...

Very cute pictures! I love the one of them talking to each other in their cribs. I have to say that while I don't really want to have twins, I very much enjoy being an Aunt of twins. :)

Reed and Natalie said...

You always need to cherish those few days when they haven't learned that they can get out of their big beds! I always dread they day they learn they can get out! Cute pictures!

Liesl Law said...

I agree with Natalie. But it lasts longer if you take them out earlier. My older 2 girls were out by 13 months because the next one was coming up and it lasted a few weeks to a month! BLISS....pure bliss! ;) I love seeing pictures of your family. Nathan is adorable and the twins make me smile!

Jennifer Lomenick said...

Very cute. Can't wait to see the finished rooms. Those 2 are just so cute.