Friday, July 23, 2010

My Sunshine

Lately, this little guy is my sunshine and my joy.  Guess what?  He is 1 today!  Makes me sad.  I wish he could stay at this age at this stage for another year because he is just so happy and content and easy!
I love him so much!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVED having twins and would do it again in a heartbeat, but it does feel a little different to focus all my love and motherly doting on 1 baby at a time this time around.  I feel so close to him and feel like I know him so well.  I'm not saying I love him more than I loved the girls at this age, it just feels a bit different and it's nice.

You are such a joy to your family!


Judy said...

I can't believe it's already been a year. What a handsome little guy.

Jennifer Lomenick said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! It is crazy to realize how fast time flies. We can't wait to reacquaint ourselves with him.

The kids think that he and Ryan look a lot alike.

I can well imagine how different it is to focus your attention on 1 child at a time. Glad that you are realizing how much you love it.

Reed and Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! He is such a cutie! :)

Jennifer Lomenick said...

Hey, you added the last picture. Very cute! Enjoy the cake tonight! Wish we were there.

Jessica said...

he is such a sweet and easy going the last picture :)

The Stutzmans said...

he's adorable!