Friday, June 12, 2009

Counting My Blessings: Home Edition

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately and as a result I am way behind.  This is a solution I came up with to show a lot of the pictures we've taken over the last little while.  Welcome to "why my life is easier since we moved into a house!"

1.  When the girls wake up at night crying- they have a door to their room now! And so do we!  And since they are on one end of the hall and we are on the other all we have to do is shut both doors and we don't hear a thing!  It's lovely (hey-they fall back asleep eventually)
2.  The girls have several new spots that they have to play in and be entertained for hours.
Here is one of them.  This is the cupboard in my laundry room which is empty because there are 2 huge wide shelves so I really don't need these cupboards too.

The girls have a new favorite hang out that they really can't do much damage to.  They drag their purses and jewelry and books in there and open and close the doors to their hearts' content.

This is our big entertainment center.  (It belonged to my parents before they got their flat panel and we are grateful to have it because it's perfect for our family room) The girls love this little cubby- as you can see.
3.  We have a garage now which is wonderful on so many levels- We have a place to keep all our extra stuff, I have a place to spray paint anything and everything, and best of all- if the girls fall asleep in the car on the way home from somewhere I can just leave them in there!  
We also appreciate that we can now wash our own car in our driveway instead of paying to have someone at the car wash do it.  The girls LOVE washing the car!
You can see that half the water is actually on them, but who cares, right?
So helpful.  They stayed washing the same 2 foot by 2 foot square the entire time, but that's okay- they had a ball!

4. I have a laundry room!  Upstairs even!  And now I can use these slaves to empty the hampers into the washer.  They love to help with laundry- except the folding part- can't quite get them to catch on to that part, darn it.

5.   I can play the piano again whenever I want to.  My piano used to be right up against the girls room so while they were in bed I could not play, which is really the only time I could play without them pounding sour notes and asking to get up with me. You see the problem?  Now the piano is downstairs and I  can play after I put the girls down at night, which is my favorite time to play anyways (especially when Russell's out playing basketball at night and I'm all alone)
6.  We have bath tubs.  Such a simple thing, but I've been without one since the girls were born, so I am LOVING have a bathtub to get them clean in and keep them entertained for a while.

So those are just 6 ways my life is easier since moving into this house- there are many more, but I'll get to those some other time.


Reed and Natalie said...

I love that your girls play in the cupboard! So cute! I am VERY jealous that your laundry room is upstairs! The only thing I can say about mine is that at least it's not down in the basement! :)

The A Team said...

Katie I want to see a picture of your house!
Where is it??
I love your girls!

Judy said...

I love that cupboard shot. Enjoy it while it's empty. Life has a way of filling up your cupboards!

Three Girls and a Boy said...

What nice amenities! I'm glad you have some more "comforts" of home in your new place. Love that you can play the piano at night. Bet you are loving that!

Samford Family said...

wow looks like u all love the house thats great im happy for u all and are u having twins this time around?

AlfreySlice said...



Dyanna Moore said...

Well I just had a lovely walk down memory lane. I miss my little twinners. Enjoy every minute of this!