Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

On saturday the twins turned 2!  I can't remember my life before them, but I can't believe they are 2-year-olds now!
We had just a few of the friends that the girls know best over for a barbecue and cake in the afternoon.  It was really nice.
Here they are with their cake.  It's nothing special- I can't get the picture to upload correctly.  It's just a Mickey Mouse-shaped carrot cake.  I didn't do a face or anything so it is actually "Toodles," which you will only understand if your kids watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse."  (Anything shaped like Mickey Mouse without the face is "Toodles" to the girls.  He is Mickey's little helper that flies around on MMC)
It was fun that the girls actually got excited about presents this year and understood how to open them without help.

They got some girly "bling" from Christy and Justin that they love.  They have crowns and earrings and necklaces.

They got this great play set from Josh and Jessica.  It has little tunnels and a tent and a teepee.  The girls think it is so much fun, especially the tent.

Ben and Lisa got something similar to the tent, so they actually exchanged it for something else and brought it to the girls that night (so nice of them).  They got the girls this basketball hoop and ball that they have been having fun with. 

Of course the box the hoop came in provided some entertainment as well.
Here is our small gathering.  The girls just love these people and we are grateful to have friends who love our girls and to have other kiddos around (Riley and Caiden) that they love to play with.


AlfreySlice said...

Love the "bling" picture! The necklaces are so long that they look more like belly button protectors! It was a fun party and it was so nice to see your adorable house!

Reed and Natalie said...

How fun! I can't believe they're 2! Time sure flies! I hope you're doing well with you pregnancy! :)