Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"The Voting High"

Be prepared- the following post is cheesy. . . 
So the election may not have turned out exactly how I wanted, but for the first time I did my part!  Which means I get to complain, right ( ;  
At 23 years old I voted for the first time and I gotta tell you- I thought it was pretty exciting.  I know people do this every 4 years and it is not such a big deal, but I am kind of proud of myself.  I had this kind of cool feeling.  Kind of like I was being heard by somebody important and they had to listen and take me seriously.  Does everyone feel this way when they vote?  Or maybe it was because this election was so remarkable, so momentous and different.  I hope that I get this "high," if you will, every time that I vote.

 My first sticker!  
I had my neighbor take a picture of Russell and I after we voted.  I know, I Know- cheesy.


Reed and Natalie said...

I think it's fun! And I think that if you vote, you have every right to complain! :)

Aaron Kinser said...

I think there is more of a high when I feel like my vote matters. Had I been able to vote on Proposition 8, I would have been fired up, but I was voting largely on principle. I voted for the losing President/Vice-President, US Representative, State Representative, County Commissioner, Conservation District Supervisor, City Council Member, Court of Appeals Justice, and a state constitutional amendment raising the sales tax. I might have won the US Senator (recount needed), won a district judge, two (incumbent) state Supreme Court justices, and a Conservation District Supervisor. Other than that, the other 12 votes that I was correct on were all issues were there was no opponent.

In other words, discounting the non-challenger races, I had four wins, eight losses, and one undecided, but probably a win. And the wins were almost all insignificant (three judges and a conservation supervisor).

So, I get the high, but like I said, this time was mostly just as a matter of principle; and to get the right to complain.

Melody said...

I get a cool feeling too, even though Marcos and I do absentee voting by mail now...which is awesome by the way--takes too much time to go to the polls. The polls are fun though. The sticker makes me feel proud too. :)

Jennifer Lomenick said...

I can't say that I get a high. I get frustrated by the fact that it doesn't matter who I vote for since the electoral votes matter. I too would have been fired up had I voted for Prop 8. I followed it and waited for the final results. I did however like that the kids went with us and it was a good learning experience to teach them the importance of doing their civic duty. I guess I just need to have a better attitude about it. I know Mark wishes I was more help in discussing issues and what not.

I guess I have some work to do.

My kids loved that we all got a sticker.

Also, nothing cheesy about taking a picture and doing a post about it. You should be proud and your blog is the place to post it!

Katie said...

Mel- I don't know if I will switch to mail-in voting. Russell and I were talking about it yesterday and we liked being a part of the actual day and going to the polls and getting the sticker. I think it is more specialer that way ( ;
I am sure that eventually I will find it too hard to get out and go though, so I will switch over then.